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Drupa 2024

Rethinking trade show engagement

Trade shows can be great for marketing, networking and observing new trends and technologies, but is their relevance universally guaranteed or do changing working practices pose an existential threat?

Imp ensures increased yield and reduced idle time

Engineering profits from large-format printing

There are many challenges in print. But there’s also a unique opportunity, which, when addressed smartly, can immediately and directly translate to enhanced profits.

Imp software offers smart features that optimise labels layout preparation

Smart label solution for smart label printers

Intelligent software solutions with ability to multi-task like a skilled human (not AI) are game changing for label printers, offering a one-step solution for order-winning quotes and print-ready...

InSoft's latest launch adds a third type of layout planning

New year, new innovations from InSoft

InSoft Automation has introduced a new feature that can boost your bottom line by automating parallel imposition of multiple books.

InSoft Automation’s Imp software simplifies complex tasks

Upscaling the bottom line secures a happy ending for books

Few would argue the advent of the eBook in the early noughties led to a steep decline in printed book sales. However, fortunately the story didn’t end there.

Pole Mounted Banner Designer Launched at Printing United 2022

InSoft unveils versatility in Vegas

InSoft Automation has launched a new feature for its flagship suite, Imp, developed specifically for soft signage applications.

Imp software goes well beyond standard imposition

Stay Ahead with Hi-Tech Imposition

Many battles have been won and challenges overcome when new cutting-edge technology is employed at the right time and place.

Imp offers holistic optimisation and highly evolved ganging

Perfect time to innovate your impositions

Against a backdrop of spiralling material costs, InSoft Automation says the argument for maximising every millimetre with intelligent imposition and ganging has never been stronger.

Even Gutenberg would have been impressed with the recent advances in book production

Boost your bottom line with intelligent book imposition

While the book is among the oldest printed products, starting with Gutenberg’s bible more than 500 years ago, in the past two decades, book manufacturing has perhaps gone through one of its biggest...