Nix claims colour management revolution with Spectro L

Nix Spectro L: perfect choice for small to medium-sized businesses
Nix Spectro L: perfect choice for small to medium-sized businesses

Nix Sensor has launched a “game-changing” spectrophotometer and densitometer it said will empower colour professionals everywhere to transform their colour workflows.

The new Nix Spectro L analyses nine-channel spectral data to instantly measure the colour of any surface.

It's capable of measuring samples down to 16mm and features eight LEDs, spanning broad spectrum white, violet and ultraviolet as well as M0, M1 and M2 measurement modes for use with optical brighteners.

The Spectro L can be used with the the free Nix Toolkit app.

The app features single scan functionality to retrieve sRGB, CIELAB and spectral curve measurements, colour matching to purchased libraries, creating and managing customer libraries, quality control functions including QC history, the ability to compare spectral curves and ink densities.

According to the Canadian colour measurement specialist, the Nix Spectro L is a vital tool for printers, packaging converters, brand owners and designers, or any profession where effective colour management is pivotal to their success.

The circa £400 device boasts many of the features of Nix’s top-of-the-range device, but was developed specifically for SMEs.

“The Nix Spectro L matches the capabilities of more expensive devices at a fraction of the cost,” said Matthew Sheridan, Nix Sensor founder and CEO.

“It's the perfect choice for small to medium-sized businesses aiming for easy colour measurement and a rapid return on investment.”

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