Fully automatic

Layflat.com launches all-in-one book block system

The Layflat.com and PhotoXport teams at Drupa, where the LF 2000 All-in Max drew the crowds

Layflat.com has launched a new fully automatic book block system consisting of an in-line press and in-line soft cover module.

According to exclusive UK agent PhotoXport, the LF 2000 All-in Max is unique, taking a stack of single sided sheets, binding them together and then placing them in a soft cover to produce layflat books.

Launched at Drupa 2024, it’s capable of 2,000 cycles per hour. The hot-melt machine creases, folds, glues and presses in one pass to produce book blocks up to 50mm thick with an open width range of 355-915mm.

It features a barcode scanner for automatic book-of-one production and can handle paper sheets from 0.15-0.3mm thick and card 0.35-1mm thick. The compact line has a footprint of 3.1x2.1m.

While the LF 2000 All-in Max can process sheets from any digital engine, it is fully integrated with HP’s PrintOS connect through Production Beat, allowing HP Indigo users to monitor the LF 2000 All-in Max workflow alongside their HP Indigo press.

According to PhotoXport: “Needless to say this caught the eye of many people attending the show and was just another element to highlight how well Layflat.com machines operate.

“The in-line press’s debut has confirmed that Layflat.com is paving the way for layflat book creation. The Layflat team’s Drupa showcase was a solid demonstration of PhotoXport’s innovative and professional ethos.”

To learn more about Layflat.com machines, including video highlights of the LF 2000 All-in Max operating alongside an HP indigo 18k at Drupa, visit photoxport.com/layflat/