Recruitment Strategy Report

While a lot has happened since our last annual Recruitment Strategy Report was published, one thing has remained constant and that’s the maxim that your people are your greatest asset.

Which is precisely why Printweek partnered with the industry's leading recruitment specialists and curated this new standalone supplement. Not only to inspire, but so you and your business can practically benefit from the people knowledge garnered from their years at the coalface.

So, whether you’re looking at identifying and developing in-house talent; redefining your brand to ensure you attract and retain the highest calibre people; looking for support and advice to expand beyond these shores; or simply wanting to benchmark print’s leadership against principals in other sectors, then we’ve got your back.

We hope you find this free digital supplement as inspirational as we did and if you want to learn how any of the companies featured can help your business thrive.

Download the Recruitment Strategy Report