Pearl range expanded

Senfa launches new textiles

New textiles are widely compatible

Senfa (1-D100) has chosen Fespa to debut two new products in its Pearl range of textiles.

The French manufacturer is part of the Chargeurs Group.

Senfa said the new textiles – Pearl Absolute Black, and Pearl Absolute Color – were compatible with a wide range of printing techniques including UV, latex, direct sublimation, and transfer printing.

Pearl Absolute Black is described as “a smooth, soft -touch, diffusing premium textile that guarantees high-quality frontlit graphics, ideal for visual communication”.

Pearl Absolute Color is aimed at high-quality backlit graphics and can be printed on both sides.

The Pearl collection comes with all the required flame retardant certifications, and Senfa said the product was ideal for light boxes.

Senfa’s booth also features an “acoustic experience” area where the performance of its acoustic textiles can be tested.

Its Silence range has a special coating and absorbs sound reverberations, particular from speech. Senfa said this makes the product ideal for spaces such as restaurants, offices and meeting rooms.

Other potential uses include wall hangings with custom designs.

Silence retains its acoustic properties when printed with UV-curable or latex inks.

Also on show is the Archi collection of fabrics featuring glittering metallic effects, and with four new colours.