Neschen launches new coated PP film

Neschen is based in Germany
Neschen is based in Germany

Specialist substrate manufacturer Neschen has launched a new coated polypropylene (PP) film specially designed for use with water-based inks and HP Indigo ElectroInk.

Available immediately, Easy dot PP matt WB is a 145µm scratch-resistant film that offers a special coating to ensure instant drying of water-based inks.

For narrow web digital engines, including Indigos, its available in reel widths of 330mm and 320mm and in 1,372mm and 1,016mm wide rolls for wide-format inkjets.

The German company said that, when used with HP Indigo technology, the new film does not retain any of the electrostatic charge after printing that usually causes sheets to stick together.

The product is environmentally-friendly, due to PVC and solvent-free manufacturing and the use of a water-based adhesive, and offers the same gloss level on printed and unprinted areas.

In a statement, Neschen said: “Due to the rigidity of polypropylene, the material has a thinner composition, which significantly reduces waste. The new product [also] has virtually no shrinkage.

“The special feature of Neschen's Easy dot films is their extremely easy handling. The innovative dot adhesive allows bubble-free application, even by inexperienced users, and residue-free removal – ideal for short-term advertising campaigns or applications at the point of sale.”

Easy dot PP matt WB has a fire protection certification according to EN 13501.