Fujifilm unveils new ink for Acuity Prime, teases software for Jet Press

The Jet Press FP790 will be released later this year
The Jet Press FP790 will be released later this year

Fujifilm has released a new range of inks for its Acuity Prime flatbed presses, designed for a wide range of thermoforming applications.

The Uvijet HZ range, designed for internal and external applications and cured at between 150-200°C, is particularly well-suited for applications involving deep-draw thermoforming, line bending and dome blowing, according to Fujifilm.

Matthew Whiting, product manager at Fujifilm Wide Format Inkjet Systems, said: “When thermoforming, you don't want the ink to crack, become brittle or flake. Our Uvijet HZ inks are very flexible and maintain their high quality throughout the thermoforming process, resulting in an excellent finish.”

Available now, the Uvijet HZ range will broadly match Fujifilm’s Uvijet KV range of inks for price.

Fujifilm has also revealed a smart digital front-end workflow software for its upcoming digital flexible packaging press, the Jet Press FP790.

The press, a water-based inkjet with a 790mm web slated for release later in 2023, will print CMYK at 1,020x1,020dpi.

The new software was created by specialist software developer Hybrid, working with Fujifilm’s R&D team.

Promising open architecture and a modular configuration, Fujifilm has said the software will cut down on pre-press time and reduce operating costs, while leaving open the possibility to tailor the software to future needs.

Manual Schrutt, head of packaging at Fujifilm Graphic Systems EMEA, said: “Hybrid Software holds an enviable reputation in the packaging sector for delivering world class, innovative workflow solutions.

“Working with Hybrid’s R&D team, its highly skilled software developers, and drawing on their extensive knowledge of workflow solutions for the packaging sector, has enabled us to develop a very fast, robust and uniquely smart DFE infrastructure for our new Jet Press FP790 press.

“This will deliver maximum production efficiencies and the highest quality output required to meet the ever-growing demands of the flexible packaging market, now and into the future.”

Mike Agness, executive vice president of the Americas at Hybrid Software, said it had been a very rewarding experience creating the software.

He said: “The combination of our extensive knowledge and understanding of RIP-to-print production workflows for the packaging sector, and Fujifilm’s expertise in colour management and print production has been a perfect match in the development of the innovative technologies that lie at the heart of the new Jet Press FP790.”