Launches follow acquisition of Dgen

DGI launches new printers

The Poseidon II can print at up to 760sqm/hr
The Poseidon II can print at up to 760sqm/hr

Inkjet printer manufacturer DGI (1-C50) is highlighting new printers at Fespa Global Print Expo – Hercules II and Poseidon II – as well as hosting the European launch of Presto.

The event marks the first time that DGI and Dgen have exhibited at the show together since DGI acquired Dgen last year.

Hercules II and Poseidon II build on the company’s previous Hercules and Poseidon machines, boasting improved user friendliness, and “dramatically increased printing speeds” of 2x for Hercules II and 4x for Poseidon II, respectively.

With four Epson printheads, the Hercules II is a four-colour dye-sub roll-to-roll machine that prints at up to 130sqm/hr and accommodates a maximum media width of 1.62m.

DGI overseas sales director Bruno Ruggiero told Printweek: “The previous model had two heads, and this model has four. The machine is faster, the body is stronger, and the printing quality is fantastic, so we are offering an alternative solution for customers who are looking for entry-level machines.”

Meanwhile, the Poseidon II roll-to-roll dye-sub printer can print at up to 760sqm/hr. With Kyocera printheads, it uses up to eight colours (CMYK/Lc/Lm/Fm/Fy) and can accommodate a maximum media width of 1.82m.

Ruggiero said: “Poseidon II is now exhibited for printing on blueback paper for billboards, which has been a growing market for Dgen in the last few years. After the merger with DGI, we believed it was important to give a new product to the market.

“This is a printer which can also print for sublimation inks for transfer paper, so it’s very versatile.”

Finally, the Presto direct to package printer, showing for the first time in Europe following an earlier launch in Korea and the US, is designed for users who want to customise their own packaging.

DGI CEO Dong-Ho Choi said: “Presto is targeting the short delivery, short order customers. This is not for production, it’s for entry-level customers, for applications including packaging, bags, carton boxes, envelopes, and postcards. There’s no required volume, you can print even one or two.”

The four-colour device can accommodate a maximum media thickness of 100mm and operates at up to 27m/min, with a maximum printing size of 297x910mm.

All three machines are commercially available now and pricing was described as “very competitive” and affordable for all of the printers.

Fespa Global Print Expo runs until Friday (22 March) at the RAI in Amsterdam.