CGS unveils resin proofing press collaboration with Mutoh

CGS Oris' collaboration with Mutoh provides software, press and inks for proofing
CGS Oris' collaboration with Mutoh provides software, press and inks for proofing

CGS Oris has unveiled a brand-new resin inkset, to be sold with Mutoh’s VJ 628MP and upcoming 1628MH inkjet presses.

The inkset, released at the end of June as part of the Real Substrate Proof package, was designed to allow packaging converters to produce proofs that mimic the final product as closely as possible.

Heiner Müller, CGS Oris’ packaging sales director, told Printweek that resin (latex) inks gave superior results compared to older methods of proof printing, such as printing onto proofing paper, using transfers or printing with UV inks.

He said: “For many packaging applications, it is highly important to not only match the colours and print quality of the final product, but to retain the tactile properties to give a customer an exact replication of the final product.”

The new inkset, CGS claimed, is highly stretchable, and able to print on a variety of substrates, including thin flexibles, shrink and IML film, as well as solid carton and corrugated board.

Developed for a wide gamut, with orange, green and blue inks, it is intended for high-density printing.

Müller added: “UV inks will not deliver the same results, as they create a 'plastic' layer of ink on the substrate, lack colour accuracy and overall print quality. 

“They also typically have a very offensive smell, contrary to resin inks, which are non-toxic and odourless.”

The inks comprise part of the total €35,000 (£30,000) package, which includes the Mutoh VJ 628MP inkjet press and requisite Flex Pack software.

The Real Substrate Proof package, already available in Europe and parts of Asia, will expand in July to include Mutoh’s upcoming European launch of the 1628MH hybrid press.

It is available through CGS directly as well as through its distributor network.