Antigro offers smart personalisation

Mostowski: “huge demand”
Mostowski: “huge demand”

First time Fespa exhibitor Antigro Designer (A3-A70) is showing its easy-to-use personalisation software which removes hassle for printers by creating print-ready files from the customer’s own designs.

Its print customisation software is intuitive and harnesses AI for tasks such as creating cut-outs, so that consumers find it easy to create their own bespoke artwork.

Customers can create complex personalised products, such as multi-image canvases and t-shirts, and see a 3D preview of how their finished item will look.

“We eliminate back-and-forth messaging, which is super-important for printing companies,” explained co-founder and chief revenue officer Waclaw Mostowski.

“We generate print-ready files and streamline the process of selling personalised print.”

Mostowski demonstrated the power of the system by snapping a selfie, turning his headshot into a cut-out and adding it to a fun t-shirt design using a repeated image – all within seconds.

The Poland-based developer spent five years developing the software, which integrates with other systems such as ERP and storefronts. It has existing clients in the US and UK.

“We can work with a one-person printing business and also with enterprise clients,” he added.

Pricing is based on a usage model and the system is “semi-tailormade” depending on the range of products offered.

He said there had been considerable interest from Fespa visitors.

“We are seeing huge demand for our solution. People are looking for a reliable solution for personalisation.

“It’s absolutely great and we had more than 100 clients interested in our software already.”

The firm is also planning a text-to-graphic facility, and the option to upload a photograph and turn it into a cartoon is also in the works.