Que será, será – anything could happen in the next few weeks

In a few short weeks, the business landscape in the print industry might have changed dramatically, because by the time the next issue of this magazine hits your desk, the UK might have crashed out of the EU without a deal.

Of course, we might instead have begun an orderly exit having secured an eleventh-hour (and then some) deal with our continental cousins.

Alternatively, the can may have been kicked down the road once more after a brooding Boris reluctantly requests another extension and we begin another  not-so-merry dance for at least another three months. Or maybe an election will have been called, or Brexit will be scrapped, or the Queen steps in and starts banging parliamentarian heads or the EU just gets fed up with the to-ing and fro-ing and seals up the Chunnel and boots us out.

Writing this right now, literally anything could happen in the coming weeks.

And that’s probably why, according to our poll, that when it comes to Brexit readiness half of you reading this are planning to adopt the strategy of ‘winging it’ if a no-deal Brexit were to happen – because after the missed 29 March deadline, once bitten, twice shy.

Besides, on the bright side, we’re in peak season right – so how bad could it get… hmm.

Anyhew, que será, será – and if you’re looking for a welcome distraction from what, regardless of the outcome, is going to be  a crescendo of political hyperbole over the next couple of weeks – then now’s your last chance to book your tickets for the PrintWeek Awards.

Yes, it’s a shameless plug, but seriously, what would you rather be doing next week: celebrating the wonderful world of print with hundreds of like-minded individuals, or trying to decipher the latest machinations coming out of London and Brussels to decide if you need to start stockpiling toilet paper and bottled water?