Heidelberg-owned business

Zaikio enters liquidation

Zaikio: Heidelberg’s know-how meets agile philosophy
Zaikio was previously known as Crispy Mountain

German company Zaikio, known for its cloud-based data and app platform, has gone into liquidation.

The Heidelberg-owned business had developed an open connectivity platform intended as a more accessible alternative to JDF with true ‘plug-and-play’.

Before it was acquired by Heidelberg in 2019, the business was called Crispy Mountain and had developed an MIS called Keyline. This subsequently became a module within the Zaikio platform, alongside Zaikio’s imposition and preflight apps for accounting, billing, production planning, and scheduling.

A notice published yesterday (10 April) on the Bundesanzeiger (Federal Gazette) revealed Zaikio’s liquidation and said that creditors of the Mainz-based business were requested to contact the company. Schultze & Braun, based in Achern, is overseeing the liquidation process.

Today, a Heidelberg spokesperson told Printweek: “Zaikio is currently undergoing an orderly liquidation process. The aim is to find the best possible solutions, taking into account the interests of the customers.

“The Zaikio management, including the appointed liquidator, and Heidelberg are currently discussing what the future of Keyline should look like. The start of the liquidation process has not resulted in any immediate changes for existing customers.

“In particular, the functions of the Heidelberg services, which currently access the authentication solution provided by Zaikio, will continue to be available to our customers.”

Zaikio said it would comment further itself in due course.

Posting on LinkedIn, Zaikio's head of partner management Karl Ciz, who is based in the UK, said: “Great people and great ideas don’t just get lost, there’s always a pathway to success somewhere! Watch this space folks…”

In its 2022-23 report and accounts, Heidelberg said it had made a writedown of €1m (£855,000) related specifically to goodwill for “the Zaikio cash-generating unit”, which is part of its Technology Solutions division. The manufacturer’s list of its shareholdings showed that Zaikio had negative equity of €5m for the financial year.