VistaPrint: Barbie fuels pink growth

Businesses are embracing “the Barbiecore aesthetic”
Businesses are embracing “the Barbiecore aesthetic”

Barbie hype has fuelled a hot pink renaissance and a viral trend, with the use of pink in logos growing substantially year-on-year, new research from VistaPrint has found.

An analysis by the company of over 600,000 logos created through its design and logomaker services found that the proportion of pink logos increased by 46% year-on-year, an indication, it said, that small business owners are more open to using pink in their branding.

Major global brands have also participated in the pink revival, with food and beverage, retail, entertainment, and cosmetics among the top industries embracing “the Barbiecore aesthetic”.

Patrick Llewellyn, VP, design and digital services at VistaPrint, said: “Its effects are calming, soothing, and known to tone down aggression – but, used strategically, pink tones can also be disruptive, energetic and loud, especially effective in appealing to Gen Z audiences drawn to acidic hues that demand attention.

“From flamingo to cotton candy to saturated neon shades, the aesthetic phenomenon of Barbiecore has given brands and designers the confidence to take a leap into using more pink.

“While still relatively underutilised in the branding world, the resurgence of pink logos across industries and sectors is a powerful indicator of its impact and effectiveness when used correctly.”

Barbie hype has been building further in recent weeks as the promotional campaign ramped up for the film of the same name, which stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, is finally released in cinemas today (21 July).

VistaPrint’s data was sourced from a sample of 633,000 logos created through its design services, including 99designs by Vista and the free Logomaker by VistaPrint tool, between June 2022 and May 2023.

The increase of pink logos in the 12-month period was calculated by comparing the proportion of pink logos created in June 2022 vs. May 2023.