Vanguard opens UKI sales channel

Vanguard's upgradeable wide-format printers are now available to the UKI market
Vanguard's upgradeable wide-format printers are now available to the UKI market

American manufacturer Vanguard has opened its first sales channel to the UK and Ireland with distributor ArtSystems.

Vanguard’s wide-format digital UV presses will now be directly available for purchase in the UK through ArtSystems’ appointed resale partners Papergraphics, Pyramid Display Materials and Sedo. In Northern and the Republic of Ireland, Vanguard presses will be sold through Diatec.

The Durst subsidiary, which makes wide-format digital UV presses, previously had no official sales channel in the UK and Irish market.

The expansion will allow Durst to provide both high-end presses to the wide-format market and machines with a lower entry point, under its own name and Vanguard's, respectively. Vanguard’s machines will be available in six colours alongside white ink and varnish, and have been designed to be cost-effectively upgraded as businesses scale.

ArtSystems’ technical director Mark Lambert told Printweek: “The creation of the Vanguard Europe Partner channel puts well proven and cost-effective print solutions within the range of many signage and wide format customers looking for long term value. 

“The Vanguard Europe portfolio makes the move to flatbed printing much easier, the unique feature of easy upgradability means print service providers can scale up with their business with minimum disruption.”

All four resale partners will be hosting demonstrations of the Vanguard technology in early 2023, Lambert added.

Vanguard was acquired by Durst in 2020, and in September 2022 set up its European staff in its 5,300 sqm ‘Kraftwerk’ site adjacent to Durst’s Brixen headquarters in Italy. 

Peter Bray, managing director of Durst UK & Ireland, says: “It’s great to see the completion of the reseller network. We are looking forward to working with this team in the coming months and years.”