Tech-ni-Fold director releases anti-bullying book

Tech-ni-Fold managing director Graham Harris has authored a new book about bullying and how to overcome it.

Bullied Back to Life, which is self-published, recounts Harris’s own experiences of bullying and shares stories from others. It aims to encourage bullying victims to speak out, seek help and find ways to move on with their lives.

The 236pp book is printed by Lightning Source and has an initial print run of 100. Subsequent prints will be made to order.

Harris was inspired to pen the book after reflecting on his own experiences of bullying in childhood. He touched on the subject briefly in his first book, 2018’s Against the Grain, but later realised he had more to say.

He explained: “I had this strong feeling that the experience [of being bullied as a child] drove me to my success in business, maybe trying to prove to myself I was better than others had me perceive I was.

“I am 6 ft 4, confident and very successful in business – and I could have hidden my past, because people see talking about bullying as weak. But it shows strength to stand up to this as so many are held back years after the bullying stops.

“My book is for these people whose shackles still hold them prisoner.”

The new title has been launched to coincide with Anti-Bullying Week 2019, which runs from 11-15 November. All proceeds will be donated to anti-bullying charity BulliesOut, for which Harris has also become a volunteer.

Harris added: “I have found that bullying remains a taboo subject. In my research, I found that too many of us are reluctant to talk about our experiences as victims or witnesses to bullying.

“My aim with the book is to encourage people to talk to others about their experiences. By documenting my own, along with the different perspectives from the other contributors in the book, I shed some light on the long-term effects of being bullied and how to move on.”

Harris told Printweek he planned to write more books to do with both mental health and business.