Tested across diverse printing conditions

Sun Chemical lauds new ink technology

Printers can choose to switch up the inks for enhanced certification

Sun Chemical has announced a new platform for sheetfed inks that is described as its “most sustainable yet”.

The ‘Pace’ technology platform involves formulations based on vegetable oils, and does not use any PTFE wax. A new binder technology delivers “higher body and lower tack”.

Sun Chemical said the inks were designed “to support optimal productivity on high-speed modern printing presses” while also providing users with strong sustainability credentials – the inks have an average bio-renewable content of 78%, or optionally 89% on a special process black that uses non-fossil fuel carbon.

Printers can also choose to switch up the inks for enhanced certification. The standard CMYK set has a bronze level C2C Certified Material Health Certificate, but this can be upped to platinum by opting for a special version of the process yellow ink.

The first ‘Pace’ ink will be SunPak FSP, currently the manufacturer’s flagship low migration ink for food packaging, which becomes SunPak FSP EcoPace.

The new ink is available immediately.

The old SunPak FSP inks will be gradually phased out.

Jim Buchanan, global product director for Sheetfed Systems at Sun Chemical, commented: “The primary objective for the development of this novel technology was to deliver the most stable high-quality performance across a diverse range of printing requirements, including the most challenging of substrates, while ensuring low misting on high-speed modern printing machines.

“The technology ensures robust, lithographically stable inks that also support short-run production due to its fast responsive nature on both closed loop and manually adjusted colour control systems.”

Buchanan also thanked customers who had partnered with Sun during the development phase for Pace and “validated the technology over a significant period of time across many diverse printing conditions”. 

“We are delighted that they are now reaping the benefits and pushing the boundaries in terms of productivity and efficiency.”

Sun Chemical said that all of its products exceed current regulatory requirements.