New web-to-print platform launches PrintedDirect platform service

The PrintedDirect platform offers live feedback from production
The PrintedDirect platform offers live feedback from production has become the latest print tech firm to enter the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) market with the launch of its PrintedDirect online print platform.

PrintedDirect, launched in February but live behind the scenes of’s own web store since summer 2022, is designed for a wide array of print vendors – whether print shops, print buyers, or manufacturers – as a convenient, customisable, package to set up web-to-print production.

Orders flow directly from the customer’s site, powered by PrintedDirect, to’s presses or supplier network, with real-time updates. The entire process is automated, with promising “extensive visibility, control and management” of jobs and artwork, either with the platform’s own supported tools, or customers’ own.

A “highly flexible, component-based API structure” means customers will have a high degree of control over their site, even with a short onboarding process, according to’s chief technology officer, Lee McIntosh, said: "We're excited to offer a platform that removes the barriers to scalability for businesses looking to create custom printed products.

“With PrintedDirect, anyone can unleash their creative potential and bring their ideas to life. The elasticity of the tech stack and the intelligence we’ve built into it, is something we have not seen anywhere else in the industry and this is what projects forward, so we’re really proud of what it has become.”

As well as servicing larger businesses through the platform, PrintedDirect will also be launching apps for trade customers or print buyers to connect directly with’s factory and print partner network. The apps are slated for release later in 2024.

“That simple onboarding piece is crucial for the business model to scale profitably and something we continue to refine and work hard at,” said Simon Dunn, The Printed Group’s commercial director.

“I really believe that combination will allow us to forge ahead in this space alongside’s ambitious growth plans,” he added.

Since the platform’s launch in February, PrintedDirect has already gone live for two European enterprise customers, with three more in the process of setting up their sites. 

Nicholas Green, founder and CEO of, told Printweek: “In a short space of time, we are up and running and seeing an increased number of clients generating thousands of jobs every month which is clearly exciting for our industry. 

“I am confident in 2024 we will see more products, customers and growth from this new part of our business and we will attract customers from all over the world.”