Perspektiv joins forces with FCS Laser Mail

Direct marketing agency Perspektiv and mailing company FCS Laser Mail have merged in a deal that will see them continue operating from their existing locations.

FCS director Michael Fay declined to give details of the new ownership structure but confirmed that one board member will be a Perspektiv director, while the rest of the board members will be from FSC.

"It’s a merger of two companies with different strategies," he said.

"While Perspektiv specialises in direct marketing, FCS is more focused in areas such as facilities management, meaning that this merger will enable us to expand into two separate, vertical markets.

"We have certain print technologies that Perspektiv doesn’t have, such as continuous print, while they have a much more extensive colour offering than we do."

Fay confirmed that no job cuts were planned and that the businesses would remain as separate entities keeping their existing names.

He added: "FCS has promised further capital investment in Perspektiv and the combined strengths of the two companies will offer our clients a broader spectrum of products and services."

Fay said that the merger meant FCS now had an automatic disaster recovery facility, whereas previously it was having to outsource disaster recovery to a specialist company.

Perspektiv director Fiona McCormick said the deal would enable Perspektiv to extend the range of services it offers to clients in areas such as continuous print, document archiving, scanning, and hybrid mail.

Before the merger, which was completed on 18 May, Birmingham-based FCS had a turnover of £5m and 70 staff, while £3m-turnover Perspektiv, which is based in Nottingham, had 29 staff.