National Trust tweaks Handbook due to Covid

National Trust plans to reinstate the details next year
National Trust plans to reinstate the details next year

The National Trust has reduced the pagination of its flagship members’ Handbook after removing information that could be subject to change because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new 2021 National Trust Handbook is 416pp plus 4pp cover, down by 64pp on the prior year’s 480pp plus covers.

The sub-A5 Handbook has been sent out with the Spring issue of the National Trust Magazine.

Via a cover sheet sent out with the pack, the NT explained that it had moved information about opening hours, shops and café facilities online so it could accurately reflect the latest situation under Covid-19.

“With the uncertainty around coronavirus restrictions, at the time of printing in November, we couldn’t include everything we wanted to. Rather than risk giving you inaccurate information, we’ve moved certain details from the Handbook – including opening times and information on cafés and shops – online, where they can be updated,” the charity stated.

The Handbook is printed and bound at Walstead Bicester. The NT magazine is printed at Walstead Roche and has the highest circulation (per issue) of any magazine in the country, with an ABC of nearly 2.7m in the latest audit.

Colour origination is by Zebra for both products. Design agency Steers McGillan Eves handles artwork for the Handbook.

The print run for the Handbook is around 3m, as new members also receive it upon joining.

A spokesperson told Printweek that the NT planned to reinstate the missing information next year: “We are planning to produce a Handbook for 2022 which includes the opening details that we couldn’t include this year. We are always looking to improve the Handbook and are listening to members about any other changes they’d like to see.”

The Handbook cover is 250gsm Revive 50% recycled silk, with text pages on 40gsm UPM Eco Prime, supplied by Denmaur Media, which also supplies the paper for the National Trust Magazine.

The 2021 Handbook also lacks the usual perforated ‘bookmark’ page that also acted as a carrier for the members’ car sticker.

This year the sticker was a loose insert. It has been produced on a recyclable HDPE clear static cling material with recyclable paper liner, and is in a new, dateless ‘perpetual’ format as the NT has changed the way it manages its car parks.

The NT said the new format would reduce its use of plastic by more than three tonnes per year.