Kornit plans to disrupt fashion supply chain

Atlas Max: full range on display

Kornit took its full Atlas Max ecosystem of machines to Fespa, alongside promises of a “global fulfilment matrix” that will disrupt traditional fashion supply chains.

The company demonstrated its flagship direct-to-garment Atlas Max printer, its polyester-printing sister the Atlas Max Poly and the direct-to-fabric Presto Max.

Also on display was the 1.8m-wide Presto, which features 30 Fujifilm Dimatix StarFire 1024 printheads, but is also available in a doubled-up configuration with 60 heads. Both versions come with white or neon capabilities.

One of Kornit’s priorities has been building its baseline quality so that it can scale digital garment and fabric printing to an industrial level.

It hopes to achieve this with its Kornit X software, which connects virtual shopfronts directly with fulfilment centres, automatically routing them to the nearest one.

Omer Kulka, Kornit’s chief marketing officer, said: “We’re building a network that we have visibility and control over so we can commit to quality standards and consistency.

“That’s a unique value proposition,” he added.