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Industry veteran Jacobs launches new book

"Jacobs: It’s really about the journey I’ve had"
"Jacobs: It’s really about the journey I’ve had"

Print Evolved founder Ivor Jacobs has launched a new book detailing his industry experiences.

Launched at the IPIA Recognising Excellence Expo in Hinckley, south-west Leicestershire yesterday (29 November), Jacobs was at the event promoting his book, Ants In His Pants, which is published by the IPIA and will see all proceeds go to Pancreatic Cancer UK (PCUK).

Jacobs, who retired aged 78 in June after nearly 50 years in the industry, is a longstanding IPIA member and, in 1975, helped found sister organisation BAPC.

Born just before the end of the second world war, Jacobs said his book is an insider’s perspective on innovation, change, and perseverance, including coping with cancer.

It covers his upbringing in Manchester, moving to London aged eight, and his youth, through to his entry into print due to a proposal by his print supplier.

His subsequent industry journey and involvement with printing’s technical developments, as well as his creation of the UK’s first web-to-print system in 1998, the business battles he faced, and acquisitions he made are also detailed. The Covid pandemic era is covered, followed by his firm’s survivalist risk taking in the aftermath.

As well as detailing Jacobs’ evolution with digital printing, including his early adoption of Indigo printing technology, there are also tips on how to turn messy work into profitable work, and other insights, according to the author.

Jacobs told Printweek: “Because I’ve retired, it was an idea of our accountant – through us chatting and her asking me questions about my experiences – that I write a book. It’s really about the journey I’ve had – lots of ups and downs and ins and outs, and because I’ve been so into technology.

“Most of the book is about business, I’ve also included any hints and tips that I’ve picked up that I think would be interesting to people.”

Ants In His Pants costs £24, and it can be purchased at the special website set up for the book. Additional donations can be made online on Jacobs’ PCUK fundraising page.