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I’m designing a 2008 calendar of before and after pictures of sites around Norwich, including the former New Jarrold Printing site, to raise funds for repairs to one of Norwich’s medieval churches. I’m trying to find a cheap way of printing an initial 250 colour copies (13 A4 sheets).
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I’m almost too afraid to answer this for fear of a similar backlash to the one I received when I suggested cheap business card printers. Disclaimer: in no way am I suggesting these are the only options. Printing Design Bureau’s Michael Hopkins has offered a few quotes: for a nice job (full-colour), with 350gsm cover, 160gsm text, greyboard back, wire-bound with thumbhole on hookgloss or silk stock he will charge £1.75 each (£2 uncoated). If you’re after cheap and cheerful, he’ll do 130gsm gloss or silk at £1.60 (100gsm uncoated £1.80). I found a few in your locality of East Anglia that would love to build a quote for you: Abbey Print (01775 724 771); Technograph (01778 560 548, and Tucann Design & Print (01522 790 009,

I’m trying to find out whether it is a legal requirement that waste developer (used in CTP) is stored in a bunded area.
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According to Liz Cheetham, BPIF health and safety adviser, it is indeed a legal require­ment. Fines for non-compliance can reach £20,000, with the threat of imprisonment in extreme cases, so listen up. First, you need to dec­ipher how to store your specific product, as rules for waste developers vary. Obtain the safety data sheet from the supplier and look at sections seven and 13. Next, look up the product in the European Waste Catalogue (EWC) – you can find this at – which lists all the reference numbers for different types of waste. Under the Duty of Care legislation, waste producers have to classify their waste correctly, which includes selecting the right code from the EWC 2002. All plate and film developers are listed as ‘Absolute’ entries, ie they must be treated as hazardous waste. Waste management rules are covered by numerous legislations, some details of which I shall send to you, but the next thing you should do is contact the BPIF directly (if you’re a member you can log on to its Health & Safety Online page at There are also companies that specialise in this area, so it’d be worth getting advice from WasteCare ( or J&G Environmental (

Remote proofing #2
Andrew Garnham of Gap Systems (www.gapsys has been in touch following a call for advice on remote proofing. Its product Approveit is internet-deployed approvals management software that uses Kodak technology for the virtual proof streaming. Input files type can vary and include PDF, EPS, PS DCS. Garnham says he is surprised the take-up in the graphics market has been slow, considering project management can be up to 80% on more complex print production work. He says he’d be interested to find out how many companies are using virtual proofing successfully.
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