Book Printer of the Year: Push Print

“These guys understand what makes a beautiful book,” said judges of the London printer that went one further in 2017 after being runner-up twice in three years. The Gestalt book, for example, ticked the two key boxes essential to anyone aspiring to win this category: highest quality of print and precision binding.

The 1,000 copies boasted lightweight gloss art paper with course screen rulings, foil-blocked spine and cover and immaculate thread. “The book is print perfection personified,” concluded judges of an entry that also included a David Bailey title and a We Transfer book with a 10-day delivery date from receipt of artwork. 020 7231 1166

Highly commended

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The 1,000 copies of the Eor Moo Book were printed double-hit fluorescent orange and black throughout, meanwhile judges flicking through the Eve Book couldn’t miss the lavish attention to detail of pages sporting images printed black only with a tint of process yellow to enhance the feel. “Amazing attention to detail, really impressive,” said judges.

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It had to end some time. Pureprint has won this category five consecutive times and almost made it six with entries singled out for their richness of colour, detail and imagery. “In particular, the blacks they achieved on uncoated stocks were especially impressive,” cooed one judge.


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