Star product: Mutoh XpertJet Pro series

Manufacturer’s upgraded inkjets offer both speed and quality boosts.

What do they do?

Mutoh’s new pair of XpertJets are entry-level wide-format roll-fed eco-solvent inkjets of 1.3m and 1.6m widths, for indoor and outdoor durable sign and display work. They use brand new printhead technology and other refinements intended to give them the often-elusive combination of respectable speed at the higher quality settings. They are a little over twice as fast as the models they replace, the ValueJet 1324X and XpertJet-1641SR.

When were they launched and what are the target markets?

The printers were released in the first half of January 2022. According to Nick Decok, Mutoh Europe’s marketing manager, “they are targeted at high-quality volume production of sign and display graphics for long-term outdoor applications”. This includes vehicle wraps and durable prints for indoor use – signage, stickers and labels, interior décor, soft signage and fine art. The inks are certified for up to three years outdoors on plastic media.

How do they work?

The printers are made in Japan and are roll-fed. They can be equipped with motorised take-up systems for 20kg and 30kg rolls (XPJ-1341SR-P), or 30, 40 and 100kg rolls (XPJ-1641SR Pro). 

They are four-colour printers (CMYK), each version using one of Mutoh’s new AccuFine “extra-wide” printheads, with 1,600 nozzles each. Although Mutoh doesn’t say so, these are Epson PrecisionCore heads, apparently the latest T1600-U3 type introduced last year, offering 300x600 up to 1,200x1,200dpi resolution. The heads are 33% wider with 11% more nozzles than previous models and the greater swath width is a factor in the increased speed. 

Mutoh pioneered intelligent interweaving of ink swathes to reduce banding and the new printers use its fourth generation i-screen technology, which prevents banding over a wider speed range. It claims the combination of the new heads and i-screen give “the most accurate drop-placement in the industry.”

Mutoh also says that its Clear Tone proprietary screening in the Harlequin-based Mutoh VerteLith RIP, takes advantage of these improvements to deliver enhanced gradients and skin tones.

How fast or productive are they?

Mutoh says the XPJ-1341SR Pro produces “sellable high-quality” print at up to 10.9sqm/hr for self-adhesive PVC and up to 15.2sqm/hr for tarps/banners. Top speed is 41.9sqm/hr. Figures for the XPJ-1641SR Pro are a tiny bit quicker. In comparison with the machines they replace in Mutoh’s line-up, they offer an increase in speed of about 200%.

How easy are they to use?

Both printer types have automatic bi-directional alignments, automated media feed adjustment, automated media roll length management through barcode printing and scanning that allows tracking of the remaining length on a roll. Nozzle Area Select allows disabling of nozzle areas on the head to continue printing.

What do they cost and who sells them?

XPJ-1341SR Pro list price is £8,000 including VerteLith RIP software. The XPJ-1641SR Pro costs £11,000 with RIP plus 30kg motorised take-up system. 

Since the takeover of Colourgen by Art Systems, Mutoh has not had a UK distributor. Instead it sells directly through a dealer network, which includes Atlantic Tech Services, Digital Office Systems, Grafityp UK, Image2Output and Spandex UK. 

Decock says that the first UK demo unit installations have started. 


Process Piezo inkjet

Inks Eco-solvent MS31 (GreenGuard Gold certified)

Colours CMYK

Ink containers 220ml cassettes or 1l packs (with adapter)

Max resolutions 1,200x1,200dpi

Variable head height 1.5, 2.0, 2.5mm

Max speed Up to 41.9sqm/hr

Media thicknesses 0.3, 0.8, 1.3mm

Max print width 1,615mm (XPJ 1641SR-P)

RIP Mutoh VerteLith (Harlequin based)

Prices £8,000 (XPJ-1341SR-P), £11,000 (XPJ 1641SR-P)

Contact Mutoh +32 5956 1400


Epson SureColor SC-40600/60600/60800

Epson’s 1.6m eco-solvent printers use an older version of the PrecisionCore heads than the Mutoh. They include the SC-40600, the SC-60600 (dual CMYK) and the extended gamut 10-colour SC-60800. There are also bulk ink ‘L’ versions of the SC-60600 and SC-60800. Droplet placement is aided by Epson’s PrecisionDot high-quality mode, with Half Tone Module, LUT and Micro Weave technologies

Process Piezo inkjet

Inks Eco-solvent UltraChrome GS3

Colours CMYK (SC-40600), dual CMYK (SC-60600), CMYK plus light cyan, light magenta, light black, orange, red and metallic or white (SC-60800)

Ink cartridges 700ml (bulk options on SC-60600L and SC-60800L)

Max resolution 1,440x1,440dpi

Max media thickness 1mm

Max speed 95.3sqm/hr (single pass)

Prices £11,115 (40600), £17,115 (S60600), £19,615 (6060L), £17,915 (60800), £21,115 (60800L)

Contact Epson UK 01442 261144

Mimaki JV100-160

Mimaki introduced its 100 series at the end of 2020, in both eco-solvent and UV-cure configurations. It features DAS drop adjustment plus NCU (Nozzle Check Unit), NRS (Nozzle Recovery System) and MAPS4 (Mimaki Advanced Pass System4). The eco-solvent model has eight channels for either dual CMYK or tonal smoothing colours plus orange. 

Process Piezo inkjet 

Inks Eco-solvent SS21 (CMYK, light cyan, light magenta, light black, orange, GreenGuard Gold certified), AS5 (CMYK, light cyan, light magenta, light black, orange), BS4 (CMYK)

Ink cartridges 600ml (JV100-160C) or 2l (SS21 with adapter), or 1l bottle (CMYK only, JV100-160B)

Max print width 1,610mm

Max media thickness 1mm

Max resolution 1,200dpi

Max speed 62.9sqm/hr (CMYK, 300x600dpi, two passes on banner)

RIP Mimaki Rasterlink7

Price Currently on offer at £9,995, though the normal list is £12,995

Contact Hybrid Services 01270 501900

Roland TrueVis VF2-640

Roland’s 1.6m is an eight-colour model compared to the cheaper and considerably faster CMYK Mutoh. It has the option of opaque white ink plus tonally smoothing light cyan, magenta and black. Orange and/or green can optionally be run in place of other colours. 

Process Piezo inkjet

Inks Eco-solvent, (GreenGuard Gold certified)

Colours CMYK plus four others (light cyan, light magenta, light black, plus either orange or white)

Max resolution 1,200x1,200dpi

Max speed (CMYK only) 30.4sqm/hour

Max print width 1,615mm

RIP Roland VersaWorks 6

Price £15,499

Contact Roland DG UK 01275 335540