'Build me a working lightsaber'

Rising star: Jack Pearson, sustainability manager, Bluetree Group

Pearson: "Let’s show off how we are innovating to safeguard the future”

Jack is 30 and has been working at Bluetree Group since 2021.

He studied English Language at Sheffield Hallam University, with no particular career path in mind at the time and says: “My goal back then was to travel the world and figure out a career along the way!”

How did you find your way into the industry?

I applied to work with Bluetree Group as part of their graduate scheme, It was attractive as they seemed like a company with great values and were growing quickly. I saw an opportunity to be part of an industry that has been a major player in the world since the printing press revolutionised language, something I’ve always been interested in. You could say the stars aligned, as I ultimately found my way into an industry that related to my degree in a small way

Did you know anything about print beforehand?

I knew the history of the printing press, and how it revolutionised and standardised written language. However, I didn’t know much about how the print industry actually operated and worked, or quite how large the industry is. Bluetree did a great job of getting me up to speed

What does your current role entail?

I am responsible for moving Bluetree Group forward on our sustainability journey. Last year we set out a roadmap, called our Sustainability Strategy, where we detailed the many different ways and areas we plan to improve, to make our operations as socially and environmentally responsible as possible. The majority of my time is spent moving us along that roadmap, via large and small projects, training and upskilling our team, data collection and analysis, internal auditing and reporting, and so much more. I am lucky to be supported by an amazing team across all of our brands, their passion and enthusiasm makes my monumental task much easier to fulfil

What's the most enjoyable or interesting thing about it?

The fact I get to work with people across our entire operation, Instantprint, Route 1 Print, Bluetree Medical and Kingsbury Press, because we all have a part to play in making Bluetree Group an industry leader in sustainability. I thrive in social environments, so being able to work with so many people is a huge bonus for me. It gives us me a great sense of pride to see how passionate and driven our team are, and it allows me to leave work with a smile on my face every week

Do you have an ideal career path mapped out?

Yes and no. I am extremely happy in my current role, I still have a lot to learn and a lot to accomplish before I seek to move forward. However, In the long run I want my name to be synonymous with sustainability in print. The beautiful thing about sustainability is that every company is on the same journey, we all have the same end goal, to protect future generations and ensure decent working standards up and down our supply chains. Even among competitors, collaboration is going to be the key to moving forward, if I can play a part in that I will be happy

What would be your dream job (print related)?

I am already in my dream job, I get to leave work knowing I’m making a positive influence on our world. That is enough for me

What would be your dream job (not print related)?

I would absolutely love to become a published author. I love reading and writing, and have done for as long as I can remember. To see a book written by me on a shelf would be a dream come true

Do you have a 'side hustle'?

Not at the moment, maybe one day when I publish a book

What’s top of your playlist at the moment?

Do audiobooks count? If so I’m listening to Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson, part of the Stormlight Archive. In terms of music, I’m listening to the Across the Spider-Verse soundtrack a lot in the gym

Which box set would you recommend?

You can’t go wrong with Lost. It’s a classic. Sci-fi, mystery, drama and humour all in one. Just make sure you have a lot of spare time to binge the 24-episode seasons!

What’s your most-used app?

Audible… There’s a recurring theme here

What has surprised you most about working in the printing industry?

Just how big the industry is, as an outsider I never noticed just how many things are printed. Now I realise you literally can’t look anywhere without seeing some type of printed product. I love pointing this out to people who tell me ‘print is dying’, that statement couldn’t be further from the truth

What could the printing industry be doing more of to entice young people into print?

I think young people care about the future, the world is scary right now and the future seems like a big unknown. This can be quite paralysing for a lot of people, especially young people who are taking their first steps into the working world. So let’s show off how we are innovating to safeguard the future, lets prove that print is not an industry in decline and invite them to be part of making our industry future-proof. Print has been and will continue to be an industry that innovates and adapts to our rapidly changing economic and social landscape, we need to show off our past and our future

If you ruled the world...?

I would task the world’s scientists to build me a working lightsaber, so I could live out my childhood dream of being a Jedi!