Flood-hit Cambrian printers to throw relaunch party

Cambrian Printers will hold a relaunch party in London on 10 October after flood damage this summer stopped all production at its Aberystwyth factory.

The flood occurred at the magazine printers on 9 June, damaging 54 pieces of equipment.

Although printing kit was up and running again within three weeks, the binding equipment only came back online in mid-September, the company said.

"We had around 18 inches of water covering the factory floor," said managing director Doug Gray.

"We had to outsource all work and undergo an extensive clean up operation. But the staff were incredible and suppliers like Heidelberg and KBA got us back up and running in no time."

The relaunch party will be held on HMS President on the Thames, a nod by Gray to the company "conquering the water".

Gray said the company will celebrate how, since the flood, it has been in better shape than ever – the damage presenting an opportunity to weed out inefficient or bad practices.

"In one way, it has been the best thing that has happened to us. It enabled us to wipe everything that we used to do clean and take a fresh look at what we had been doing," he added.

The party will also be a thank you to the company’s customers for their support during the upheaval of the past few months.

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