Palamides launches compact delivery system

Rhys Handley
Thursday, January 17, 2019

Palamides is set to begin shipping its new Gamma 502 automated delivery system and Friedheim International has been confirmed as the official distributor in the UK and Ireland.

The Palamides Gamma 502 can run at speeds up to 1,200 bundles/hour
The Palamides Gamma 502 can run at speeds up to 1,200 bundles/hour

The Gamma is designed to be a smaller, more cost-effective alternative to the manufacturer's Delta system, and features faster setup times and a reduced footprint. The first UK orders are set to be shipped in March and April.

It also has automatic banding capabilities, which can apply paper and transparent PE bands with ease, according to the manufacturer.

“The Gamma 502 is a very flexible machine that is perfect for smaller print businesses or digital printers who deal with shorter runs,” said Palamides international sales and marketing manager Jan Oldenkott. “The technology is equally as robust as the Delta on a smaller scale.

“It was also built with larger mailing companies in mind, who keep many production lines side by side with little space to walk between. That’s where the compact design came from so that it can fit in those gaps and be set up in a very short time.

“I think it is carving its own space in the market due to its lower usage costs and its banding capabilities.”

The Gamma 502 is available in two configurations – 140x510mm and 140x220mm – and can run at speeds up to 1,200 bundles/hr. It measures all delivered products and ejects those outside of its set tolerance range without counting them, as well as automatically stopping production if more than three pieces are outside of the range.

Mobile and height-adjustable at the infeed, the Gamma can be rolled from one finishing machine to another and comes with a buffer table that can be folded away when space is limited.

In October last year, Palamides announced a joint venture with Heidelberg to manufacture Alpha HD folding systems that would work in sync with the latter's Stahlfolder range.

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