Heidelberg-exclusive Palamides deliveries to sync with Stahlfolders

By Rhys Handley, Tuesday 23 October 2018

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Heidelberg UK has unveiled an bespoke line of delivery systems from Palamides, designed to run inline with its Stahlfolder range.


Trengrouse: anticipating high demand for new Palamides

The Alpha HD 50 and Alpha HD 70 systems are available through Heidelberg’s UK arm as of August, priced from £55,000 upwards. They will replace the Alpha 500 HD and 700 HD in Heidelberg’s portfolio, rebranded and enhanced to suit the needs of Heidelberg customers.

Among the new features specific to the HD range is the integration of software displayed on both the Palamides and Stahlfolder control panels to better facilitate the smooth processing of folded leaflets, which are pressed, gathered, piled and jogged into alignment on the HD.

Heidelberg UK finishing marketing executive Ian Trengrouse said: “With the Alpha HD range, customers will benefit from higher output and greater control over the bundle itself.

Since launching an array of new Stahlfolder models at Drupa 2016, we have sold more than 130 units worldwide. Operators need help to keep up with the machines’ high performance and the Palamides Alpha HD will help them cope with high-spec deliveries.

“The range is well-suited to anybody running higher performance folding runs, especially in double-shift patterns. They are the result of feedback from Stahlfolder customers and are therefore 100% compatible with our own folders, whereas the older machines would have to go through lengthy integration processes.

“It is still very early following the announcement, but with so many Stahlfolders out in the market, we are anticipating high demand for this machine.”

Palamides Alpha HD feeders can process at a speed of 1,000 pile/hr – up from 900 on its predecessors. Jogging plates can be adjusted from outside the delivery, the rollers open using spring force for easier cleaning, and jam monitoring sensors are in place for safety.

Both versions of the machine are available with Heidelberg’s Push to Stop for autonomous folding. The 50 and the 70 take a minimum format size of 80x95mm and a maximum of 235x330mm. The 50 can handle two-ups, while the 70 can handle three-ups.

Speed control is used so the Alpha HD can work in tandem with a Stahlfolder and automatic pile recognition is utilised, with pile height from a minimum of 3mm.

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