Recruitment drive & magnetic vinyl

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jo Francis tracks down the solutions to your technical troubles

Would you know of any recruitment agencies that specialise in print? I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Merv Young, Premier Labels

I would indeed. Should you happen to be holding a copy of PrintWeek in your hot little hands, turn to the back of the book, where you will find the recruitment section complete with the latest adverts from the agencies. For a comprehensive list, visit the PrintWeek website. Go to the ‘jobs' link on the homepage or to and click on ‘search all agencies' next to the Featured Agencies area. That produces a pretty all-inclusive list and it certainly features all the main agencies that I know of.  

I'm trying to find out if a rather particular substrate exists. We're looking for a roll-fed, magnetic vinyl with a dry wipeable surface that is print receptive. Any clues?
Name and address supplied

Gosh, that is a bit specialist. However, my esteemed colleague Barney Cox remembers Data Image Group in Narborough doing something involving magnetic stocks a while back. Give them a call on 0116 284 4900. Specialist suppliers of coatings and specialist films such as MacDermid Autotype (www.macdermid and Madico ( may also be able to point you in the right direction of such a thing, should it exist, or even make some for you if you want enough of it. It might also be worth contacting Euromedia, Fujifilm Sericol's new one-stop shop for all things large-format ( I did some searching on the internet and I could find a few patents that seemed to refer to something like this, but couldn't locate an actual product. However, in the process I found a US company called All Magnetics, and it has a section on flexible magnetic sheeting ( that says a write-on/wipe-off custom lamination is available. Perhaps this column will result in a source being found closer to home too?

Stuck for sticky stock #2

Good news from Terry Wright at Rose Mills Print Finishers, who was searching for a particular type of hard-to-find gummed paper (Help Line, 26 June). After Terry's plea appeared a paper agency called Papico ( got in touch. It has sourced a French paper that's just the right type of sheet. I do like a happy ending. 


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