Reader Reaction: Are the enterprise zones likely to benefit the print industry?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Colin Roberts, managing director, Business Forms Express "I think it’s a lot of rubbish and there are no positives that I can see. It will just take away jobs from one area and move them to another. There was a similar scheme set up in South Wales which meant that lots of companies set up in South Wales and none of them set up in Bristol, which is where our company is based. I can’t think that setting up regional zones is going to help anything or make a difference."

Nicholas Mockett, partner, Moorgate Capital "If a large corporate wanted to establish a big new plant this could tip the balance in favour of the UK, but it’s difficult to see it happening in print, particularly as News International, Polestar and Prinovis already have superplants. In packaging where a major investment is made, such as Contego’s new Portsmouth operation, it may attract the investor to the particular region, but you have to balance increased logistics costs and the availability of skilled employees. Still, the North East with its major ports could be a good place to export from."

Heath Mason, chief executive, Park Communications "While I do support this initiative – as I feel that any support for small business is much-needed – I expect these zones to have little effect upon the printing industry. How many entrepreneurs are entering the industry with start-ups, and able to chose where they are located? Is relocation into a zone for the purposes of gaining the benefits of an Enterprise Zone a financially feasible route for an established business? Benefits for those who happen to be in the zone is good – for them – but not likely to be helpful for others."

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