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Marc Verbiest
Monday, May 5, 2014

Once again EFI is sponsoring the Wide-format report because of our strong belief that the publication echoes the company’s pioneering technologies across inkjet printing, productivity software and inks.

Continuing to be the first to market with innovative ways to drive greener and more cost-effective production, EFI recognises that there are now opportunities for businesses of all sizes to move to digital from analogue processes and optimise their efficiency and environmental practices.

As a result, the Wide-format report provides a valuable insight into today’s technologies and how they are used across the digital landscape. Print service providers and display producers are increasingly diverse, with the ability to rely on improved colour accuracy, productivity and throughput, with a broader range of applications now possible thanks to advanced ink formulations and curing efficiencies.

Since the last Wide-format report there has been a marked growth in the number of firms wanting to optimise an end-to-end workflow, including a fast digital front-end (DFE), RIP and overall productivity capability, with many moving into web-to-print. With greater emphasis on accountability, companies are reaching out for the benefits of leaner production, reduced waste, and automation of administrative tasks through the use of MIS and ERP software.

The move to greener and more sustainable production methods and practices is also impacting on the wide-format market segment, acknowledged both by existing businesses and newcomers to this industry arena. This need is encouraged by EFI whose products are based around the design and development of digital printers and ink technologies that increase environmental efficiencies, while reducing waste and running costs. 

PrintWeek’s Wide-format report complements EFI’s vision relating to the technologies and their practical application across a growing number of print businesses. For many years the company has played a key role in helping educate and fulfil the requirements of end-users moving to digital production, and the interest and growth in the wide-format sector continues as more innovative applications are developed.

EFI is proud to sponsor the Wide-format report for 2014 as it promotes the vision being perpetuated across the sector for greater efficiency, more versatility and a wider awareness of environmental practices. The company continues to play a major part in education and fulfilling the requirements of printers in all disciplines, with wide-format production remaining a key area for growth.

Marc Verbiest International public relations manager, EFI 


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