Peeling: collaboration and optimism are key

Jo Francis
Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Gary Peeling, the CEO of the newly-formed Precision Proco Group, has cited the power of collaboration and optimism in his first speaking engagement since the mega-merger was announced.

Peeling (centre) with Prime's Jon Tolley and ProCo's Jon Bailey
Peeling (centre) with Prime's Jon Tolley and ProCo's Jon Bailey

Speaking at today’s online Visual Media Conference, Peeling said harnessing technology would be key to the group’s future success.

“We see ourselves in the future as a technology business that also delivers print products, not the other way around," he said.

“It’s fundamentally about making print as a channel simple to use and simple to choose.”

He said the coming together of Precision Printing, ProCo and Prime had involved “a very complex collaboration” but there were many other collaborative opportunities available for the industry at large.

“You don’t need to execute something as complex as this to get the value on working with people in the same industry alongside you, that you may view as competition – reach out to the people around you, you’ll always take away more than you bring,” he stated.

“Even before Covid what we were looking to do was move to a position of optimism, to be optimistic about what we can do with this industry and what we can do with our business.”

“If you have optimism in your business you move quicker and you’re able to deal with things better,” he added.

The Visual Media Conference continues for the rest of the day and registration remains open.


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