DWP beats target on recycled paper

Darryl Danielli
Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has become the first Whitehall department to beat the Governments targets for using recycled paper on a large scale.

The department's entire 19m annual print spend, which includes the production of benefit claim packs (pictured), is managed by Astron. From Christmas it will all be produced on 100% recycled paper sourced from an unnamed German mill.

"By then we will be buying 1,330 tonnes of 100% recycled paper annually," said DWP print and distribution contract manager Clive Hamilton.

"Nobody across Whitehall has actually bought paper of this quality on this scale. Albeit that it's actually recycled, it looks better than the non-recycled grade we were buying before."

According to Hamilton, the move has incurred no extra costs for the department. "In terms of risk regarding exchange rate, that's been absorbed by Astron," said Hamilton.

The Government's targets are that Whitehall departments only use grades which include a minimum of 60% recycled matter, 75% of which is post-consumer waste. "I don't know of anyone across Whitehall that has met that target in these kind of volumes and we've actually exceeded it," said Hamilton.

Prior to approving the super-calendered bleach-free grade, Hamilton and contract manager Rosalind Green visited the mill with Astron account director Stephanie O'Keeffe at the end of July.

"I'm comfortable with the stocks that we have in the UK and the mill can produce 400,000 tonnes per year, so I've no worries with regard to our requirement," said Hamilton.

As well as DWP, Astron also has print management contracts with the MoD, Inland Revenue, Department of Health, and Customs and Excise.

Story by Darryl Danielli


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