Overmatter: The puzzle of all puzzles

Jo Francis
Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Covid-19 has brought us many things, pretty much all of them unwelcome. It’s also brought a new concept to the UK, that of being “furloughed” (note to selves, not “furlonged” – a furlong is a measurement of length and distance used in horse racing).

Anyhoo, for the millions of people potentially kicking their furloughed heels at home right now, what to do once you’ve spring-cleaned your entire home, rearranged your bookcases, Marie Kondo’d your wardrobe, home-schooled the kids to degree level and binge-watched every episode of Tiger King?

Kodak has the answer, in the shape of the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle. This monster is made up of 27 individual 39x24inch 1,900-piece puzzles depicting “wonders around the world”, featuring brightly colourised photographs taken by pro photographers.

Each puzzle then comes together and interlocks to create the mahoosive 51,3000-piece, 28.5x6.25feet finished object. Oof!

Hours of fun for all the family! And a snip at $599.95 (about £482).

We have to admire the brevity of one Amazon reviewer who gave the puzzle five stars and a succinct endorsement: “This is keeping me busy.”

We bet it is.

We’re also sad to report, though, that the 18.5kg box is “currently unavailable” on Amazon.com and not showing as ever being available on Amazon.co.uk.

Looks like it’s back to rearranging the sock drawer for us, then…


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