Printweek special supplement

Wide-format Report 2023

Printweek has partnered with innovators in wide-format technology to curate an informative special supplement to help you navigate the opportunities the market offers.

This year’s sponsored report covers a wide range of topics, but front and centre is the sustainability imperative that drives the entire sector to be better.

From supporting clothing and apparel brands looking to dramatically reduce waste by revamping their supply chains and adopting print-on-demand models, to print business owners looking to reduce their environmental impact and protect their employees’ health by witching to technologies running water-based inks and coatings.

The theme of being part of the solution rather than the problem is a common thread running through all the curated articles in .

There’s a deep dive into the trends impacting the sector and how business leaders can adapt their models to move forward.

While other articles look at key factors to consider before investing in flatbed technology
for the first time and how one manufacturer’s customer centric approach led it focus on autonomous cutting systems and unrivalled customer service.

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