Mimaki unveils new print and cut machines

Mimaki will launch two new 1.6m-wide roll-to-roll LED UV print and cut machines later this year.

The seven-colour (CMYK plus Lc, Lm and white) UCJV300-160 and four-colour UCJV150-160 are being introduced alongside a new environmentally-friendly ink, LUS-170, which Mimaki said ensures vibrant print results.

The max speed of the UCJV300-160 is 13.4sqm/hr in seven-colour draft mode and 8sqm/hr in seven-colour standard mode. In four-colour draft mode it can print at up to 25.8sqm/hr while in four-colour standard mode it can achieve speeds of 15.7sqm/hr. The max cutting speed is 300mm/s or 420mm/s in 45 degrees direction.

The UCJV150-160 can print at up to 13.4sqm/hr in four-colour draft mode and 8sqm/hr in four-colour standard mode. This machine also has a max cutting speed of 300mm/s or 420mm/s in 45 degrees direction.

Features on the UCJV300-160 include four-layer day/night printing, which Mimaki said enables designers to build layered graphics for backlit applications.

John de la Roche, national sales manager at Mimaki’s exclusive UK distributor Hybrid Services, said: "This process gives print companies the opportunity to offer a unique product. It's possible to produce a dynamic graphic that morphs its image or colour scheme depending on the light source.

“This is a distinctive capability that enables print companies to produce high impact, high margin output while maintaining low operational costs and reduced production time."

The manufacturer said the integrated cutting functionality on the printers enables users to create applications including labels, decals, window clings, floor graphics, POP displays, vehicle markings, packaging and prototypes in a single unit.

Additionally, the UV ink technology is said to prevent problems such as film separation and other issues related to post-cutting that can occur with solvent and latex inks. Prints are instantly cured, eliminating drying times or outgassing.

“The LED UV curing also opens up a variety of different materials, including heat sensitive medias,” said de la Roche.

The white ink on the UCJV300-160 adds value to applications that utilise transparent or semi-opaque films, Mimaki said. High opacity white ink facilitates block-out printing within a single print, enabling users to easily create window graphics that can be viewed differently from either side.

Both of the new machines will ship with updated RasterLink6 Plus RIP software, which includes an ID Cut function to make printing and cutting easier and faster.

The two devices also both feature the Mimaki Advanced Pass System 4 (MAPS4), which utilises an advanced algorithm pattern to reduce visible banding, and Mimaki Circulation Technology (MCT), which continuously agitates the white inks to prevent settling.

Cutting technologies employed include Half Cut, which enables the backing sheet to be cut but leaves behind a small connecting point that can be easily detached when necessary to ensure contour cut pieces are easier to handle with less waste.

Over Cut, meanwhile, makes a cross cut at the start and end positions so that the finished piece has sharp edges with no undercut fragments.

Hybrid Services will host the UK debut of the kit at The Print Show, which will take place from 11 to 13 October at the International Centre in Telford. Commercial availability is expected to follow by the end of Q4. Pricing for the machines has not yet been disclosed.