HP unveils 'gamechanger' PageWide Web Press platform

The press will be available to order from 19 October
The press will be available to order from 19 October

HP has launched the new PageWide Advantage 2200 series press, which it said offers “industry leading productivity with quality”, and media versatility for those in publishing, direct mail, and commercial print.

From the manufacturer’s new Advantage brand, it is expected to be commercially available worldwide for orders on 19 October, with deliveries anticipated in the “first half of 2023”.

The press is capable of speeds up to 500ft/min (152/min) in Performance mode and 800ft/min (244m/min) in Mono Performance mode. Performance mode delivers high quality using single – or high – drop weights.

In Performance HDK mode, which delivers higher quality using dual drop weights on black ink, it can run at up to 500ft/min (152m/min).

In Quality mode, which delivers the highest quality using dual low and high drop weights for “smooth transitions, nice greyscales and [where] the shadow detail really comes out,” according to director of strategy for commercial products and solutions at HP PageWide Industrial Yale Goldis, it can run at speeds up to 333ft/min (101m/min).

Capable of handling media weights ranging from 40-300gsm, the press will print high coverage jobs at up to 90 million US letter sized mono images per month or 214,000 personalised A3 colour duplex sheets per shift.

Recognising the growing need to print postcards and other applications with thicker stock, HP said the new press also delivers “game changing productivity” for high impact, full coverage jobs.

Also with the ability to print using HP Brilliant Ink and 2,400 native nozzle per inch printheads, HP said the press offers “top notch quality” to address a wide range of higher value applications, from more colourful trade and educational books to high-coverage, impactful direct mail pieces.

The machine has a single print arch design and a "robust" paper path with fewer components, reducing the number of parts to manage and therefore overall maintenance and servicing time to increase its reliability and maximise its uptime.

Designed to offer configuration flexibility, it features a modular design for customers to start with a lower capacity machine and upgrade the machine as their business grows or their application mix shifts.

Customers can select one, two, or three dryer modules along with passive or active web cooling modules to fit their needs. It also features a compact single engine duplex design to save floor space for users.

Finally, the press comes equipped with HP’s High Efficiency Drying (HED) system that minimises power usage at higher print speeds by recirculating up to 80% of the air heated during the drying process, based on internal HP data and testing.

“This new PageWide Advantage platform is a game changer for the commercial print industry,” said Annette Friskopp, global head and general manager at HP PageWide.

“HP has listened to our customers, and we realise ease of use and up-time are critical success factors. This new press offers configurations to enable customers to optimise the press for their quality, productivity, versatility, and economics to grow their digital production businesses.”

Speaking to Printweek, Kristin Albee, HP global marketing manager for PageWide Industrial, added: “[The HP PageWide Advantage] gives our customers an advantage and we believe it gives our business an advantage because we’re helping our customers.

“Having a duplex engine gives us – as innovation happens – the capability to expand or change out components after the print engine.”

She added: “One of the key selling points of this press is that it really delivers on productivity; performing at the speed of business. What that delivers is getting more jobs out in a day, a week, a month across the varieties of paper – whether it’s coated or uncoated.”

HP has invited customers to visit the business at trade show Printing United in Las Vegas, taking place from 19 to 21 October, where the press will be demonstrated.

The machine will be available from HP and “a number of channel partners” as well as BlueCrest.

Pricing has not been disclosed but Goldis said: “The performance of this machine is a premium performance [so expect] this to be a premium price over existing equipment.”

Albee added: “The business model for this press is spot on in offset to digital conversions – the most compact footprint is going to be very affordable for that market. The more expensive variety is also priced right.”

The PageWide Advantage 2200 is an addition to HP’s existing portfolio. The PageWide Web Press T250 will continue to be sold, with upgradability continuing to be offered for all of HP’s platforms.