Fujifilm Samba JPC UV inkjet modules launched

Top: fully enclosed printbar. Bottom: heater inside the printbar
Top: fully enclosed printbar. Bottom: heater inside the printbar

Fujifilm Dimatix has launched Fujifilm Samba JPC UV inkjet modules for integrators and OEM suppliers.

The new inkjet modules are said to enable system designers and integrators to minimise the product development cycle of 1,200dpi single-pass inkjet printers with ready-to-integrate modules that support system design with high image quality, reliability, and uptime.

“Leveraging its rich history in digital inkjet solutions, Fujifilm has invested in building modules that will enable OEM and integrators to develop digital inkjet solutions that can deliver high-quality single pass printing for a variety of UV ink print applications,” said Martin Schoeppler, CEO of Fujifilm Dimatix.

Modules can be added separately or in combination, and components include a UV ink printbar that is designed for UV ink single-pass printing applications that use Fujifilm Samba printheads with an optimised waveform.

The printbar and its sub-systems design allows for system aided calibration and supports manual or automated calibration of replacement printhead when needed.

It also offers built-in fluid management including ink recirculation, backpressure control, degassing, and temperature control for optimal print conditions.

The compact design of the printbar eliminates the need for external fluid management tools, except main ink supply tanks.

Additionally, the head cleaner component utilises the ‘wet-web’ system in which a moisturised fabric and a cleaning solution developed by Fujifilm are used to automatically wipe printheads clean.

The anti-collision module detects media anomalies that can cause media to strike and damage printheads. This sensor will temporally lift the printbar to allow spliced paper, wrinkled media, or other surface anomaly to pass under the printbar to avoid damage to printheads.

The timing control unit aids in jetting accuracy between printbar and media transport. Maintaining close control with encoding resolutions, e.g., rotary or linear, from 25 to 5,080dpi helps keep high fidelity of fine lines and text contours, Fujifilm said.

Finally, integrated image optimisation software for single-pass printing corrects print artifacts such as streaks and banding for enhanced print quality, while the inline scanner component detects image patterns and print artifacts, which feeds data to the Image Optimisation Software for calibration and print quality assurance.

Fujifilm Samba JPC modules are available immediately for system integrators and OEM suppliers.

The company said the broad appeal of UV inks makes the new modules candidates for integration into systems targeted at commercial printers, label and packaging converters as well as industrial printing producers in decorative, printed electronics, and speciality printing industry segments.