Imitlin offers a high folding endurance

Fedrigoni updates Imitlin range

The range is made from FSC-certified virgin fibres

Fedrigoni Group has refreshed and expanded its range of embossed Imitlin papers as part of a wider strategy to position the products for elegant packaging applications.

The new tactile and textured Imitlin range – a portmanteau of Imitation and Linen – “combines elegance with strength”, according to Fedrigoni, offering anti-fingerprint treatment, light-fast colours, and a high folding endurance that suits creative applications including boxes, shopping bags, cases, covers, and notebooks.

The range is made from FSC-certified virgin fibres and is completely biodegradable and recyclable.

The new line of embossed papers includes the introduction of six new shades that follow the latest market trends in line with the WGSN Global Colour Forecast: Vibrant Ochre, Teal Green, Jade Green, Grey Stone (compatible with Sirio Pietra), Pink Sand (compatible with Sirio Nude), and Ginger Brown.

In addition to the new shades, the latest range also includes a new embossing called E/R00 Diana, which mimics the texture of leather.

Imitlin Allpack has also expanded with this range, with popular Imitlin shades Blu Notte, Castano, Nero, Neve, and Rosso now available in folding box grades catering specifically to packaging designers.

Two coated range extensions have also been introduced. Imitlin Glow offers a glossy and shiny finish, while Imitlin Metallic is based on pearlescent papers which cast a more suffused light. Both are said to “appeal to a futuristic aesthetic, playing with light reflections, colour and texture”.

Micaela Di Trana, marketing and R&D director at Fedrigoni Paper, said: “Imitlin is one of Fedrigoni’s most famous papers, distinguished by a unique style that combines elegance with strength.

“The renewal has kept its essence unaltered but has allowed us to make it even more versatile and transversal, perfect for creating all-round packaging.

“Furthermore, Imitlin allows us to create beautiful coordinates by combining different ranges with the same colour base, dialoguing perfectly with other products in the Fedrigoni portfolio.”