Safe for transportation

Color-Dec unveils new resin

Color-Dec is showing a variety of kit on its stand
Color-Dec is showing a variety of kit on its stand

Italian firm Color-Dec (12-D50) is discussing its new resin material for dome labels at Fespa Global Print Expo.

The new Advanced Polyurethane Resin for safe, quick-curing, and long-lasting applications is free of isocyanate compounds, has extended pot-life for improved workability, features quick curing – 90 minutes at room temperature, and promotes a safer working environment, according to Color-Dec.

It is also safe for transportation, and classified as non-dangerous, and is completely mercury free.

Color-Dec managing director Daniele Santini told Printweek: “Mainly the EU legislation has imposed certain restrictions on the use of isocyanates in Polyurethane. And these restrictions have made it mandatory for every worker to do training on the safety of isocyanates.

“So we came out with resin which does not have these restrictions because it has less than 0.1% of free monomer, and it is also not dangerous for transportation, so can be transported more easily.”

While the new resin is not running on kit at the show, on its Fespa stand the business is highlighting machinery including its Domes Equipment Model 4100GP, three axis automatic dispensing equipment with gear-pump metering group.

With a stainless steel working table of 1,050x700mm, the system includes Micro-Doming Kit, and an integrated stainless steel degassing system with two tanks and 92l total capacity.

The company’s Domes Equipment 660-T7, a two axis dispensing machine with integrated degassing system, is also being showcased.

Fespa Global Print Expo runs until Friday (22 March) at the RAI in Amsterdam.