Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

Aerpanel shows Aerfly at Fespa

Aerpanel recycles volumes of materials equivalent to those produced
Aerpanel recycles volumes of materials equivalent to those produced

Lightweight panels manufacturer Aerpanel (2-A30) is highlighting its 100% recyclable and PVC-free single-material panel Aerfly at Fespa Global Print Expo.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, Aerfly is said to offer “an optimum combination of lightness and rigidity”, making it suitable for billboards, hanging signs, POP displays, and lettering.

Its direct printing capability is said to guarantee high visual impact, especially for digital printing jobs, while it is also suited to laser or digital cutting.

Aerpanel said Aerfly panels are five times lighter than PVC, making them easier to transport and install, while they also offer moisture resistance for outdoor applications, and translucent properties for a wide range of lighting applications.

Aerpanel is also using Fespa to present its recycling programme. Aerfly lightweight panels are made from XPS extruded polystyrene, a recyclable thermoplastic material that is reintroduced into the manufacturing cycle according to a precise process, ensuring the traceability and quality of the recycled product.

Through circular partnerships with its major customers, Aerpanel recycles volumes of materials equivalent to those produced.

“At Aerpanel, we believe in responsible and sustainable innovation. Our commitment to the use of extruded polystyrene (XPS) demonstrates our desire to push back the boundaries of the industry while preserving our environment,” said Nicolas Parise, managing director of Aerpanel.

“By choosing XPS, we are offering our customers a solution that combines exceptional performance with respect for the planet, far from the often-criticised expanded polystyrene. We are proud to be contributing to a future where quality meets sustainability, without compromise.”

Fespa Global Print Expo is taking place from 19-22 March at the RAI in Amsterdam.