Vism launches tool to connect printers and installers

The Signage Installations Directory covers all regions of the UK
The Signage Installations Directory covers all regions of the UK

Graphics and signage installation workflow software provider Vism has launched a free online tool to help print and signage companies in the UK to find freelance and subcontract installers.

The Signage Installations Directory was launched a week ago and Vism said the platform has since received positive feedback from across the industry.

The database is growing quickly, with more than 30 installation providers already registered, new printers and signmakers making searches every day, and new working relationships already formed through the service.

Vism CEO Dan Tyler said the company realised that installations can often be the most challenging part of getting a job done, and that finding good, available fitters is a common problem.

He told Printweek: “We get asked daily to recommend installers for our customers and industry contacts. So we thought we’ve got this knowledge, we’ve got these contacts, and we’ve got this platform for connecting people, so let’s use it.

“Interestingly it’s been quite cool for us because a couple of the companies that have signed up have actually then clicked through to Vism and booked a demo with us and are now in trial with us to use Vism within their business.”

The platform offers free access for both printers and installers. Printers can search by relevant skills, such as vinyl application, POS, signage maintenance, site surveys, vehicle wrapping, signage or graphics installation, and by location, to get a list of freelancers and subcontractors matching their needs.

“It’s a win-win; we’ve got two sets of people that want to connect and we’re helping them connect,” said Tyler.

“A lot of our customers have had to upskill people within the factory to get them out doing installs because they’ve shrunk the size of their team. But now they’ve gotten incredibly busy and they need to keep those people in the factory so they’re having to turn more and more to freelancers and subcontract suppliers.”

The database covers all regions of the UK and Tyler said there are plans to expand it to other countries.