Vism rolls out new updates

Vism said further major releases are on the way during 2020
Vism said further major releases are on the way during 2020

Project management software provider Vism has launched a series of new releases and updates within its cloud-based dashboards and apps.

The updates, which include a new client portal, mobile project management app and an updated installer app, have been built in response to customer feedback.

“Version two of the [installer] app is a lot smoother, with improved photo sharing capabilities and faster data transfer,” said Vism managing director Dan Tyler.

“We’ve also introduced a new chat function so that project managers and installers can talk in real time through the app about any questions or problems with the job.”

He added: “Our customers say that the new features have made things better for everyone; they are getting updates and photos back from installers much quicker, which means they can in turn improve the service they offer their clients.”

The new client portal, meanwhile, allows Vism customers to have their own space for providing clients with live status updates and completion photos.

“One of our customers works on a 500-plus store roll out for a major retailer three times a year, and they are now using the client portal to allow their customer to login and see progress with every one of those stores; our customer has complete control over what they share,” said Tyler.

“We’ve also seen two companies win significant contracts on the back of being able to offer real-time progress updates to their prospective customers via the client portal.”

Tyler added further major releases are on the way during 2020.