More join sustainability messaging group

Two Sides signs up five

Two Sides provides members with resources, facts and figures to back up sustainability claims
Two Sides provides members with resources, facts and figures to back up sustainability claims

Two Sides has signed up five more companies to its ranks, with members receiving help communicating the sustainability of printed media.

The latest to join include inkjet and pre-press manufacturer Screen Europe, commercial and fine art printer L&S Printing, horseracing administrator and publisher Weatherbys, recycled packaging manufacturer Frugalpac, and the Meliora printing group.

L&S, was established in 1981 and operates from Worthing.

Matt Etkin-Budge, operations manager at L&S, said: “We’re delighted to become a member of Two Sides.

“Everyone at L&S understands that you can’t be a successful company without caring about and believing in what you do. 

“As a printer, we’re aware of our impacts and ensure to be as sustainable as we possibly can with our customers' projects. These reasons are why we’re proud to say we’ve built our name on the quality of our work. We really love what we do here, and we think that shows in everything we produce.” 

Weatherbys, established in 1770, has been involved with the printing industry for 254 years. Beyond the print, design and fulfilment of racecards, the firm is also a marketing and publishing house. It has recently entered into a print partnership with Northampton Town FC, building on a 15-year stint as the designer and printer of the club’s magazine, The Cobbler.

"As publishers, we shoulder the responsibility and guardianship for one of sports' oldest journals, The Racing Calendar,” said Liam Harris, senior business development executive at Weatherbys.

“Weatherbys is recognised in the racing world for producing over three million racecards annually, publishing a diverse array of industry titles, and electronically supplying pre and post-race data to global media. 

“Sustainability is a key focus for Weatherbys, our clients, and the general public, and joining Two Sides provides new avenues for us to convey to our customers and audience the importance of sustainable print. We are delighted to now be members." 

Two Sides saluted its five new members, with Josh Birch, Two Sides’ campaign manager saying: “It’s always a pleasure to welcome new members.

“Our partnership with them will help us communicate the great environmental story that print, paper, paper-based packaging and labels have to tell.”