Superfast adds Epson SurePress to up productivity

Obermuller with fellow Superfast director James Emmerson and the Epson SurePress L-6534VW
Obermuller with fellow Superfast director James Emmerson and the Epson SurePress L-6534VW

Superfast Labels has invested in an Epson SurePress L-6534VW to support greater operational flexibility and drive higher production output.

The new machine was installed in May.

The L-6534VW, is an inkjet label press with LED UV curing that uses Epson's PrecisionCore heads. Epson said its space-saving design integrates all of the functions required for production, such as Corona treatment, white ink, digital varnish, web cleaner, ionizer and an additional UV curing unit. It has a list price of £495,000.

Superfast director Scott Obermuller said the printer was chosen for reliability and quality as well as value for money. He said: “We liked its large colour range, quality, and its ability to increase our opportunities to create value-added applications without high costs to the client. We expect it to deliver high output, high quality and reliability.

The Sittingbourne, Kent-based self-adhesive labels specialist is a long-term user of Epson kit – the company was the first UK user of the SurePress L-4033A, which was followed by the addition of an L-4033AW press and the the first SurePress L-6034VW in the UK.

Obermuller explains: “At the time of the first investment, the SurePress L-4033A was the best press on the market within our price range. We knew it would suit our needs as a business.

"We also knew that bringing all the digital work we outsourced back in-house would please our clients, increase quality, and put us in control of lead times.”

He added that the initial SurePress investment helped Superfast win more business and transition flexo work over to digital.

He adds: “The Epson VW presses have opened up various new markets with advanced embellishments. This has been through word of mouth and other brands seeing our work in the market."

Reliability was a key factor for Superfast as the company operates a standard three-day turnaround, as well as offering same-day print. Obermuller said: "The presses have to be reliable to ensure customer satisfaction and committed lead times are adhered to. This also helps us maximise the investment return. We expect a high yield return and the investment to pay for itself as soon as possible.”

Established for more than 25 years Superfast Labels produces security, high-temperature and blank labels as well as CD and DVD labels and distribution and scented custom-printed pressure-sensitive labels for many of the UK's production plants, suppliers and contract producers.