StackaWraps signs up new UK partners following business overhaul

The StackaWraps system now uses sustainable card products
The StackaWraps system now uses sustainable card products

StackaWraps Global has expanded its print partner network with four major UK sign-ups after revamping its system during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Manchester business, which employs more than 50 staff, has signed up Simpson Group, Delta Group, DS Smith, and Mauveworx to its system.

It said the four printers’ big brand clients can now take advantage of StackaWraps photorealistic dimensional POS displays, which enable 3D imagery to be printed on sustainable card without stretch or distortion.

The company, which was co-founded by Richard Peter and Natasha Leigh in 2016, had initially started to work on changes to its original system in late 2019.

Peter told Printweek: “The pandemic has given us time to develop this system, literally from scratch. It’s like we’ve started the business again.

“We actually started doing it in October/November 2019; it was going so fast and then all of a sudden it stopped overnight in March 2020 with the lockdowns and then we had to start again.

We’ve always been known as doing the fabric and frames, but they were always special builds that were sold for exhibitions, and in smaller numbers. Now, we’re doing rollouts in America where [end users] are doing 10,000 units.”

The StackaWraps system now uses sustainable card products, such as folding boxboard, which Peter said “is a lot easier and more cost-effective”.

“We don’t sell any print or make anything apart from files; we’re a digital studio and we have written proprietary software that enables us to manipulate cardboard in a way that no other printer in the world can do,” he explained.

“A user would send our studio the high-resolution flat artwork over, our studio then takes that in as a job and manipulates and renders it in a way that we augment the die line, but we don’t stretch or distort the print.

“We then create a set of dimensional die lines which are sent back to the user, and they then output them onto their printer, then runs the die line, cuts them out, puts together whatever we’ve created for them, and then puts it in front of the client.

“The client then approves it and the user then duplicates it as many times as the client orders.”

Peter said Stackawraps charges a small conversion fee to convert the file, and also takes a small percentage of the sale when the user duplicates it.

“When we decided to go down that route, we decided that the way to build our business was to work with print service providers on a global basis. We’ve got about 115 of them signed up now, in a very small amount of time, particularly in the US where it’s going exceptionally well,” he added.

He said Simpson Group, Delta Group, DS Smith, and Mauveworx have been fully onboarded over the last couple of months, and that Stackawraps had personally chosen the four businesses as its print partners.

“We only select the partners that we trust to provide a reliable, quality service to clients, and we have limited this to a small number of reputable names – those we know share our vision for environmentally friendly print alternatives to plastics,” said Peter.

StackaWraps is targeting £10m turnover in the three years’ time.