Print with Pride joins with WTTB for open house

The 26 June event will take place at Precision Proco's Sheffield plant
The 26 June event will take place at Precision Proco's Sheffield plant

Industry event group Print with Pride will collaborate with Where The Trade Buys (WTTB) to host an open-house event at the trade supplier’s Precision Proco factory on 26 June 2024.

Designed to showcase the latest innovations and capabilities of the industry, the event will feature live demonstrations of personalised print, innovations in web2print technology, and new finishing techniques available to printers at the Sheffield plant.

Emma Thompson, WTTB marketing director, told Printweek the team was delighted to be working with the group to host printers from around the country.

“By hosting this event, we aim to bring together a diverse group of professionals and companies who contribute to the vibrant print industry. This event serves as a platform for sharing knowledge, showcasing advancements, and exploring new opportunities that arise from working together.”

Made up a number of industry firms with an “open and free mind in linking solutions with people who print,” Print with Pride comprises of Vpress, Duplo, ASL, Fiery, PrintIQ and Antalis.

Thompson added: “Collaborations with V-press & Fiery allow us to demonstrate the full spectrum of print capabilities like personalisation. WTTB will provide print expertise, while our partners like Antalis, Morgana, PHD Marketing, Print IQ and others contribute their specialties. Together, we present a holistic view of what the print industry can achieve when all parts work together.”

The event will feature demonstrations on Precision Proco’s HP digital printers and Morgana finishing kit, with emphasis on customisation, personalisation, and automated, variable processes.

Kelvin Bell, VPress sales director, said: “The Print with Pride events enable visitors to truly experience the potential of our industry in delivering unique, high-value print solutions that truly deliver from a marketing standpoint. 

“We’re delighted to be working with WTTB and the Precision Proco team for our next event, who are at the top of their game in terms of print excellence.”

Thompson concluded: “This fantastic day isn’t about PowerPoint presentations and suits; it’s about real people in a relaxed setting with a genuine passion for showcasing and discussing the power of collaboration. We’re absolutely thrilled to be part of it and can’t wait to meet everyone on June the 26th.”