Pantone announces extensions to Goe colour-matching system

Pantone has launched two new extensions to its Goe colour-matching system this week - GoeBridge and Color Cue 2.1.

Pantone GoeBridge will allow users to visualise and evaluate how the 2,000+ solid colours in the Pantone Goe system will reproduce in CMYK on coated paper.

Meanwhile, the latest version of Pantone's Color Cue portable colour-identification device now includes the Pantone Goe coated and uncoated libraries, as well as CMYK values from GoeBridge.

Pantone executive vice president and general manager Richard Herbert said: "GoeBridge is exactly what designers have been asking for. The guide displays the closest possible CMYK match for each solid GOE colour, preventing expensive errors.

"We've also included sRGB and HTML data for repurposing colours for the web, which makes this an indispensable tool for a variety of design projects."

Pantone's GoeBridge displays all 2,058 Goe colours in a portable guide, alongside their closest four-colour process equivalent.