QuarkXPress bridges colour gap

Quark officially launched its QuarkXPress 7 software last week with a tool to improve colour reproduction.

QuarkXPress 7 boasts the new Pantone colour bridge coated libraries to meet European and US standards.

The colours provide the "closest" CMYK simulations for solid Pantone colours on coated paper, according to Quark and Pantone.

Helmut Eifert, Pantones European vice president, said: "Colour-related mistakes translate into extra expense and lost time. The Pantone library gives formulas for best possible reproduction of solid Pantone colours in CMYK." Quark senior vice president of desktop products Jrgen Kurz said: "Inclusion of the libraries lets designers specify and trust colours will reproduce as expected."

A colour bridge guide with almost 1,100 Pantone colours costs 92.