New Coveris packaging film 100% recycled and recyclable

European packaging firm Coveris has developed a new shrink film for multi-pack products that is fully recyclable and is composed of more than 50% post-consumer recyclate.

The Duralite R shrink range is designed for secondary packaging uses such as multi-pack cans and bottles and has been developed from the existing Duralite range already used in the food and drink industry.  

The film is described as lightweight, low-guage, high-strength and high-clarity and is available in printed or unprinted versions. 

The polyethylene (PE) film is composed of up to 50% post-consumer recyclate (PCR) and is topped up with pre-consumer material, which is a by-product of Coveris’ zero-waste manufacturing processes at its Kufstein, Austria-based extrusion facility. 

The new range therefore uses no virgin products at all and, according to the manufacturer, has a significantly lower carbon footprint than cardboard packaging alternatives boosted by the fact that the Kustein factory uses 100% renewable and CO2-neutral energy sources to power its manufacturing process.

President of Coveris Films’ business unit, Martin Davis, said the launch of the new film marked a major step forward in the development of sustainable plastics for a circular economy. 

He added: “Complementing our existing range of environmental films such as our recyclable PE for direct contact, the development of a fully recyclable, recycled secondary material that utilises our own waste stream and delivers a reduced carbon footprint supports both our own environmental goals and those of our customers, as well as meeting legislative targets on recycled content.”